About Me

My name is Rebecca, and I put this site together.

I’m a big soup fan: I love it on chilly days, when I’m sick, when I’m trying to eat healthier, chilled for a refreshing meal on a summer’s day- anytime at all really! It’s a versatile, satisfying meal that can help you use up your leftovers and experiment with flavours any time of the year. It’s economical and fun, and is especially delicious with a big chunk of fresh bread on the side for dipping.

When it comes to cooking soup, homemade is always best. Making your own homemade soup is the perfect way to start getting more vitamins and nutrients in without resorting to overpriced supermarket products or tinned soups filled with sodium. I like to see what’s going into my food, especially when it’s being cooked for my kids, so by making my own I can ensure that only the ingredients I want are included, and not a whole lot of extra preservatives and salt.

The trouble is, all that soup was taking up a lot of my time. I’m a busy mum with three noisy kids, so I can’t spend all day standing over the hob, much as I’d enjoy that. I love to have healthy homemade meals, but I just couldn’t spare the time anymore. I need an easier solution.

A friend of mine told me about soup makers. These amazing kitchen appliances can get a whole batch of soup ready in under half an hour, saving you tons of time and energy. I wouldn’t have to spend my hours stirring and hovering over a pot any longer. I immediately set out looking for one of these gadgets, only to find that there were tons out there and I had no clue which to buy.

I did my research and picked the soup maker that fit my needs my best. In the process, I learned lots about what’s available and where the best value soup makers can be found. This site is the result of my research: I hope it helps you to find the soup maker you’re looking for!