Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup Maker Machine

andrewjames7in1soupmakerIf you’re after a multi-purpose kitchen gadget that will do all your kitchen jobs for you, the Andrew James Automatic Multifunctional 7 in 1  Soup Maker Machine might be the appliance you’ve been after. It has plenty of tricks up its sleeve and works well for a moderate price. We’ve tested it out for you to see if it’s up to the task.

Rating: 4

Price: £

Key Points

  • multifunctional: works as a soup maker, a smoothie marker, a food blender, a coffee and nut grinder, an ice crusher, a vegetable steamer, an egg boiler, and a food warmer
  • makes soup in 20 minutes
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • 1100 Watt motor that can, unfortunately, be quite noisy
  • making soup of easy and intuitive but figuring out the other functions can be difficult
  • not dishwasher safe and can’t be submerged in water so cleaning can be tricky
  • 2-year warranty


andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmaker-2This gadget is much more than a humble soup maker. The Andrew James machine can do tons of different jobs for you in the kitchen, from whipping up juice and milkshakes to boiling eggs, grinding coffee, steaming vegetables and warming your food up.

It has several different compartments and functions designed to do different processes, and they all work nicely. The only complaint we’d have would be that when making smoothies, the blender doesn’t deal as well with larger chunks of fruit, and the smoothies can sometimes come out less smooth than you might like.

The egg boiling compartment allows you to boil four eggs at one time, and the steamer basket is ideal for steaming veggies to then blend in the same machine to make your own home made baby food.

andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmakerIn terms of our purpose–making soup–we found that the Andrew James machine worked really well. You can pick between a chunky or smooth option. Just remember to put the soup making filter into the making when you’re going for the chunky option. The results are always good, with nice flavours and a good heat produced by the machine.

Fast Results

The Andrew James soupmaker is super fast: it can whip up a delicious bowl of soup for you in around 20 minutes, making it deal for people in a hurry. The machine has some serious power–1100 Watts— giving you efficient results every time. The only downside of the powerful motor is that it can be pretty noisy, so you may want to turn it on and then do something in another room to avoid the earache.

The machine also beeps very loudly when turning on and to alert you when your soup is done, which could be considered an annoyance or a useful feature, depending on your point of view.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to making soup, the Andrew James 7 in 1 is very simple to use. All you have to do is throw your chosen ingredients in, pour in your liquid and whatever seasoning you prefer and then press a button.

If you want to use the Andrew James machine for all of its other functions, it can get a little more complicated to figure things out. The instructions aren’t as straightforward as they could be, a bit more detail would make the whole process a lot easier, especially for people that aren’t fully accustomed to kitchen gadgets and struggle to work out how to use them. It is easy to assemble though, and for making soup it’s very simple.

Cleaning Issues

andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmaker-4The Andrew James 7 in 1 can be a tad awkward to clean: the blades aren’t detachable and the machine isn’t dishwasher safe, so we’d definitely recommend that you rinse everything off while the jug is still wet, rather than waiting for the food to try on the inside of the product. There are definitely soupmakers out there that are less of a hassle to clean, as this one can be a bit fiddly and there’s a bit of risk involved when cleaning the blades. The Andrew James soupmaker also can’t be submerged in water, which is quite an irritating feature.

Clean with caution and think ahead and it should be fine, but if you leave it after making your soup you may be in for something of a hassle when it comes to washing up.

Should You Buy It?

andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmaker-5For its price, this is a really useful gadget. It saves you spending money on tons of other kitchen appliances, combining multiple functions in one product. It makes good quality soup in a short amount of time, and we believe that many people would be pleased with it as a whole.

There are some flaws that make this soup maker not quite as good as some of the others out there, so we don’t rate this at the top of our list. Clearer instructions and an easier cleaning system would make it a far better product overall. Generally though, the Andrew James is a good, solid product with strong build quality. Once you’ve figured out how it all works, it could make your life a whole lot easier.