Andrew James Premium Black Soup Maker

andrew-james-premium-black-soup-makerThe Andrew James Premium Black Soup Maker is a high quality, multi-functional product with some highly impressive features. Whether you’re looking to whip up some healthy soups or the family or simply have a handy appliance on hand to crush ice, blend baby food or make your own smoothies, you’ll be able to do it all in no time with this useful kitchen appliance.

Rating: 4.5

Price: ££

Key Points:

  • Large 1.75 litre capacity
  • 45o W motor powers stainless steel blades and variable blade speeds
  • range of extra features: a safety switch to prevent accidents, rapid heating functionvariable temperature option, and a detachable jug
  • 8 pre-set programmes, including for chunky and smooth soups
  • Self-cleaning function; not dishwasher friendly
  • quieter than other options on the market
  • great value for money

High Quality Design

andrew-james-premium-black-soup-maker-4The Andrew James soup maker has a sleek, cool design that will look at home on even the most discerning customer’s kitchen counter. As the name would suggest, black is the dominating colour on this product, with a large silver display taking up the bulk of the base, allowing for easy function selection and clear directions. This soup maker also has an LED screen that displays timings, a nice addition for a mid-range machine.

The sturdy build quality of Andrew James Premium Black is apparent from the moment you see it. It’s a strong, powerful machine that certainly won’t break easily. Unlike some of the flimsier models on the market, this machine has powerful stainless steel blades that effortlessly cut through ice and food. The soup maker also has a 450W motor, so you can expect quick results without much strain to the machine.

The Andrew James Premium Black also has a range of handy extra features that improve the whole experience of making soup at home. The product includes a useful safety switch to prevent spills and overflowing, while the rapid 900W heating element makes the process faster than ever. The machine also has a variable temperature option, so you can customise the machine to work well for exactly what you’re cooking.

Large Capacity

We were especially impressed with the large capacity of the Andrew James Premium Black Soup Maker. This product can make up to 1.75 litres of soup at one time, allowing you to fill the whole family’s bowls up with just one batch. This is substantially larger than many of the other soup makers on the market in a similar price range, and makes this particular product ideal for families and serious soup lovers.

Easy To Use

andrew-james-premium-black-soup-maker-5Nobody likes a kitchen appliance that takes hours to work out, least of all us, so we were pleased to find that the stylish Andrew James Premium Black Soup Maker is a cinch to use. The product has variable blade speeds but you might want to use one of their eight pre-set programmes, so you don’t have to enter your own timings or set your own blade speed. These programmes include settings for chunky and smooth soup and for ice crushing, among many others.

You won’t need to do any cooking at all when making soup with this machine. Simply prepare your vegetables and other ingredients and then place them into the soup maker along with your stock, and the Andrew James Premium Black will do all of the work for you. The detachable jug then allows you to lift the jug away from the machine to pour your soup directly into your bowls or to store for later.

Easy To Clean

andrew-james-premium-black-soup-maker-3Cleaning a soup maker can be a messy job, particularly when it comes to trying to scrub around sharp blades. The Andrew James soup maker overcomes this problem with a clever self-cleaning function which does the job for you. We’re always keen to try out any kitchen appliance that claims to make washing up easier, so we were pleased to find that this product really does rinse itself clean, washing away unpleasant residue and avoiding the irritating sticking that plagues many soup maker machines.

If you prefer to give the soup maker a scrub yourself, we’d recommend rinsing the machine out immediately after serving up your soup, and then adding some hot water and soap to loosen up any residue in the jug. You can then simply switch the blender back on and let it clean itself, or clean it carefully yourself with a bottle brush. Please be aware that this product is not dishwasher friendly, so stick to the kitchen sink.

Minimal Noise

Noisy blending is a problem that we’ve encountered with most soup maker machines. Some would conclude that this issue is unavoidable when it comes to any blending appliance. The Andrew James Premium Black Soup Maker defies this rule by getting the job done without a massive amount of noise. The only moderately noisy stage occurs when the soup maker is chopping up your vegetables. After that, you’ll find this product to be remarkably quiet, allowing you to go about your business while your soup is being prepared with minimal interference or aggravation.

Warranty Period

If you do come across any faults or issues with your Andrew James Premium Black Soup Maker, you can rest assured that the company will deal with problem promptly and effectively. This product comes with a very reasonable two year warranty which guarantees your money back should you experience a breakdown in your unit. Many soup makers come with no warranty at all, so it’s always refreshing to see some legal protection on the side of the consumer.

Recipes Included

andrew-james-premium-black-soup-maker-2If you’re a newcomer to the world of soup making, you can easily get started with the recipes that come included with the manual of the Andrew James soup maker. We were a little disappointed that the product didn’t come with a full recipe book included as some similar soup makers do, but there are recipes available to try out and you’ll find plenty more online. You can also make your own recipes up by simply throwing in whatever leftovers you have and watching the Andrew James Premium Black work its magic!

Should You Buy It?

We were very impressed with the value for money offered by this product. It has a variety of great features, a sturdy design that you can rely on and a large capacity– all at a reasonable price, below £60. The Andrew James Premium Black whips your soup up in less than 30 minutes with minimal fuss, making it one of our top picks.