Prolectrix Soup Maker

Prolectrix-Soup-MakerThe Prolectrix Soup Maker is a relatively inexpensive kitchen appliance that has the potential to offer a convenient solution to those who love cooking soup at home. Unfortunately, there are several significant shortcomings that make this product not worth purchasing.

Rating: 2

Price: £

Key Points

  • large 1.6 litre capacity; 1.3 litre minimum
  • stylish design, but on the heavy side
  • Limited features and functions: only makes soup
  • lid locks during cooking: you can’t remove it to add further ingredients without stopping the cooking process and having to start it again from the beginning
  • self-cleaning function: just pour in water and soap; includes a cleaning brush to help you maneuver  around those sharp blades
  • detachable jug to pour your soup directly into bowls, with no ladling, but the jug gets very hot to the touch
  • reports of faulty units; company offers full refund

Design and Capacity

The Prolectrix Soup Maker looks similar in style to a kettle. Its silver stainless steel exterior is a refreshing change from the transparent blender design that dominates the soup maker market, and the build quality looks sturdy and strong. The soup maker has a thick handle that makes it simple to lift the jug up when you’re ready to serve your soup: you can pour directly from the jug without needing to ladle your soup out into bowls.

Despite its very reasonable price, the Prolectrix Soup Maker has a good capacity of 1.3-1.6 litres, so it should suit most customers in this sense. You can use the minimum capacity amount if you’re only looking to make soup for one meal, or fill it up to capacity to make four good sized bowls of soup in one easy process.

One important consideration to keep in mind when choosing your soup maker is weight. The Prolectrix Soup Maker is fairly big and bulky, and weighs in at a considerable 2.7 kg, which obviously gets heavier when full of chunky soup. While stronger customers probably won’t be bothered by this issue, it could certainly cause problems for the elderly or those who are ill or weak, many of whom could certainly be in the market for a convenient device that will cook soup for them. If an easy to handle, lightweight soup maker is a priority then we certainly wouldn’t recommend this product.

Limited Functions

Unlike many of the other soup makers on the market, this soup maker is strictly that: a soup maker. Some people buy these appliances purely for the function of making soup at home without having to do all of the cooking themselves, but others prefer a more multi-functional appliance that has the added benefits of making smoothies, sauces, and helping out with other kitchen tasks.

While you could possibly put the limited number of features on this product down to its price, there are other soup makes available in this price range that have a range of other functions available. We’d recommend that you opt for a kitchen appliance that gives you the most amount of convenience for your money; the Prolectrix soup maker sadly does not.

Difficult to Customise

For those looking to make a more complex soup recipe that involves adding ingredients or seasonings in at various stages of the cooking process, the Prolectrix Soup Maker won’t be the best choice.

Once the lid of the jug has been securely closed, you cannot open it back up again to add other ingredients without interrupting the whole cooking process. When you close the lid again and press start, the Prolectrix Soup Maker will start its process from the beginning again, making things very confusing and awkward. There are other soup maker machines available that make it easier to customise the timings and recipes, but this product is limited in that regard.

There have been complaints of burning at the base of the jug. This is a common issue with soup makers and one that is easily avoided by taking the necessary precautions. If you use some butter, oil or cooking spray at the bottom of the jug before placing the rest of your soup ingredients in to cook then you shouldn’t experience any burning.

Simple To Clean

One important strength of this soup maker is its simplicity when it comes to washing up after cooking your soup, an important consideration for many customers. It has a self-cleaning function that allows you to pour some hot water and soap into the machine and then blend, washing away any residue left over from the soup making process.

The inside of the jug can also easily be wiped clean with a sponge and hot water, and Prolectrix have conveniently included a cleaning brush in the box with the soup maker to work around the sharp blades without risking injury.

Recipe Book Included

Nervous chefs who need a little inspiration before they start putting their soup creations together will be glad to hear that Prolectrix has included a recipe book for free with any soup maker purchase. A free recipe book isn’t an absolute necessity, but it’s always a nice addition to help you get started with your new kitchen appliance.

A Word of Caution

Prolectrix-Soup-Maker-4We have one particular safety concern that is important to keep in mind if you do decide to buy the Prolectrix Soup Maker. Just as a stainless steel kettle gets very hot once water has been boiled, this soup maker heats up to a very high temperature as it chops, cooks, boils and blends your soup. Be very careful not to touch the jug once your soup has been cooked. Only touch the handle as you lift the jug or you could risk a nasty burn.

Faults Reported

Our main issue with the Prolectrix Soup Maker is the frequency with which the product seems to break down with no apparent reason or warning. Many customers have used their soup maker once or twice with no problem, only to find that it suddenly doesn’t work after a couple of uses. It’s unclear what the underlying design problem behind these faults is, but frequent problems with a particular product suggests that the build quality may not be up to scratch.

If you do buy the Prolectrix Soup Maker and experience one of these unexpected faults, you will be able to get a full refund from the company. However, re-packaging, posting the machine back and reporting the fault can all be time-consuming, stressful and just plain annoying, so we’d certainly prefer to buy a more reputable soup maker in the first place instead.

Should You Buy It?

With so many other high quality, intuitive soup maker machines currently available at low prices on the market, it is difficult to recommend that any consumer opt for the Prolectrix Soup Maker. The frequent reports of faulty units and sudden breakdowns, as well as the limited number of functions and bulky design of the soup maker–not to mention the risk of burning–all make this one of our lowest rated appliances. Look elsewhere before resorting to this flawed product.

VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine

VonShef-Jug-Soup-Maker-MachineMany of us would like to improve our health and cook more of our food from scratch rather than buying in pre-made, packaged foods. For those on a tighter budget, kitchen appliances like a soup maker may seem like an extravagant expense. Fortunately, there are products like the VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine available to make life a little easier. This convenient, good quality appliance can whip up a healthy bowl of soup in just 20 minutes, making it a good value product to add to your kitchen.

Price: £

Rating: 4

Key Points

  •  1.6 litre capacity (4-6 bowls of soup); minimum 1.3 litres
  • cooks soup in 20-30 minutes
  • 2 consistency options: chunky and smooth
  • 800 W motor
  • very versatile: boils water, grinds and heats coffee, blends smoothiescrushes ice
  • some of the instructions aren’t clear
  • not dishwasher safe but fairly easily cleaned by rinsing

Design And Capacity

The glossy silver design of the VonShef Jug Soup Maker will look attractive on any kitchen counter, with a premium style that makes the product look far more expensive than you might expect. This soup maker is more in keeping with the design of a kettle than a blender: some people may prefer the transparent glass soup makers that allow you to see your food as its cooking, but the chrome style of the VonShef has a sleek, stylish look that we prefer.

Despite its surprisingly low price tag, the VonShef Jug Soup Maker has a relatively large capacity at 1.6 litres. That will easily fill up four bowls of soup, enough to feed an average sized family or a very hungry singleton. You can find soup makers on the market with a larger capacity than this, but for those on a slightly tighter budget this is certainly a good size. There is however a minimum 1.3 litre capacity so if you live alone and aren’t willing to freeze soup, you might want to consider other options

Easy To Use

vonshef-jug-soup-maker-machine-3Unlike some other more complicated soup makers, the VonShef Jug is remarkably easy to use. All you have to do is prepare and chop up your vegetables and other ingredients, add stock and seasoning and throw it all into the jug. You can then select your setting, with an option to choose between a smooth or chunky consistency, and press start. Your soup will only take between 20 and 30 minutes to cook and then you’re ready to eat! It really is that simple, so even those who have never used a soup maker or similar appliance before will quickly be able to start making their own delicious home made soups. The VonShef Jug Soup Maker can’t be customised as much as other, more expensive options on the market, but will suit the needs of all but the most experimental or picky amateur soup chefs.

One complaint about this particular soup maker would be a lack of clear instructions: the manual doesn’t give you much information about how much liquid or ingredients to put into the machine to make your soup, so there is some trial and error involved when it comes to getting the ratios right. You may find it helpful to purchase a book of soup maker recipes separately to get some sense of ingredients and measurements, but it would have been helpful if this information had been included clearly in the manual that accompanies the VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine.

Multiple Functions

One of the real highlights of the VonShef Jug Soup Maker is the wide variety of functions it can carry out with ease. Most people buy soup makers purely for the role of cooking soup without needing to use the job and multiple pots and pans. However, an appliance with multiple uses is always going to be better value for money than a straightforward soup maker.

The Vonshef Jug Soup Maker can eliminate the need for several other kitchen appliances. It can boil water for tea or cookingblend smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes and slushies; and crush ice, so once the weather has warmed up and you’re no longer in the mood for soup you’ll still find plenty of uses for your soup maker. The machine can also grind coffee beans and heat coffee, ideal for your morning rush, and make sauces to accompany other dishes. This really is a versatile and intuitive machine, and would be a handy addition to anyone’s kitchen.

Simple To Clean

Like many soup maker machines, the VonShef Jug cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher and cannot be soaked under hot water, so you do have to rinse it and clean it yourself with soap and a sponge or bottle brush. Some soup makers come with a self-cleaning function, something that would have been very useful to include in the Vonshef, but given the less expensive price tag this is an understandable omission.

For the most part this product is fairly easy to clean, but you do have to rinse it out thoroughly after making your soup to avoid being left with residue that is difficult to clean out properly.

Should You Buy It?

Although there are a few minor issues with the VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine, it really does do what it says on the tin. It may not have the capacity or power that some of the more expensive soup makers may have to offer, but its lower price and impressive performance will impress many customers. If you’re looking to introduce more soups, juice, smoothies, and sauces into your usual diet without breaking the bank then the VonShef Jug Soup Maker is definitely a sensible choice.

Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine

vivo-fresh-soup-maker-machineThe Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine & Smoothie Maker is a popular choice amongst customers who like to get more bang for their buck. With a great range of functions available and a clear, simple design that makes it remarkably easy to use, the Vivo Fresh is a great option for anyone looking to incorporate more soup or smoothies into their diet.

Rating: 4

Price: ££

Key Points:

  • 1.7 litre capacity: 3-4 bowls of soup
  • produces a finished bowl of soup in just 20 minutes
  • cooks food on hot plate before blending
  • options for smooth blending, chunky blending, pulsing, and reheating
  • multi-functional: can also cook, steam, boil, blend smoothies and make soya
  • fairly noisy
  • fairly easy to clean
  • good build quality and design
  • weighs just 2kg
  • includes free recipe book, but for a soup maker with a timer, which the Vivo Fresh doesn’t have
  • some reports of faulty units

Design and Capacity

The Vivo Fresh is certainly one of the larger soup makers currently on the market, with an impressive 1.7 litre capacity. You can easily serve up about three large bowls of soup from the jug, or four smaller bowls, so it’s perfect for couples who like to share a warm meal on a winter’s day or for whipping up a batch for yourself to enjoy over a few days.

The design of this appliance is top notch. It doesn’t take up too much room on your counter thanks to its compact, neat design, and its silver and black colour scheme will fit nicely into any kitchen. While some large capacity soup maker machines tend to be heavy and bulky, making them difficult to lift and use with ease, the Vivo Fresh is surprisingly light as just 2kg.

This soup make is a good choice for people who like their kitchen appliances to be simple and straightforward. The display on the Vivo Fresh has clear buttons for different functions, with options for smooth blending, chunky blending, steaming, pulsing and re-heating. Even a genuine novice in the world of kitchen gadgets will find the Vivo Fresh easy to figure out, and will be whipping up quick batches of soup in no time.

Noise Levels

Unfortunately for those with sensitive ears, the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine is not the shy and retiring type. It will let the whole house know that soup is being made, but this is a common issue amongst powerful kitchen appliances that is difficult to avoid. While it is possible to find soup makers that get the job done without making a huge amount of racket, these machines tend to be on the more expensive side. We believe that a little noise while you wait is a small price to pay for a good value, multi-functional product.


We all like to get as many functions as we can out of a kitchen appliance, provided the functions actually work as they should. It’s extremely frustrating to buy a product expecting a range of uses, only to find that most of the functions don’t work well at all. Luckily, this isn’t the case with the Vivo Fresh.

This product boasts a range of functions, from soup and smoothie making to egg boiling, sauce making to cooking. It works exactly as it says on the tin, with each function running as smoothly as the next. Soup making may be its primary function, but it will just as easily steam your vegetables, cook up a quick curry sauce or boil your eggs for breakfast. This impressive functionality could save you the trouble of buying a range of other kitchen appliances, making the Vivo Fresh great value for money and a real time-saver.

Easy To Clean

As with most soup maker machines, the trick to getting a nice quick clean after every use is to rinse the jug out as soon as your soup is ready to be eaten. If you leave the remnants inside the jug to harden then the machine does become more difficult to clean, but rinsing after use will make the cleaning process quick and simple. The Vivo machine does also come with a handy brush cleaner which makes cleaning the bottom of the jug much easier than trying to avoid the blades with a sponge.

Some customers experience difficulty with ingredients burning at the bottom of the jug while using the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker. This is common issue that we’ve encountered with soup makers, but is also easily avoided. Simply add hot stock to the bottom of the jug before you add in the rest of your ingredients and the base should be protected from that irritating burning residue. We also found that greasing the plate at the bottom of the jug with a small amount of olive oil helps to keep things running smoothly and prevents burning, although this may not be suitable for those attempting to follow a low fat diet.

Recipes Included

Everyone loves a good freebie, so we’re always happy to get something extra alongside a product purchase. The Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine comes with a recipe book at no extra cos:  Simple and Easy Recipes for Soup-Making Machines by Norma Miller. This book normally retails at £5.99, so it’s nice to get it for free with the soup maker.

The book itself is a handy companion to the appliance. It has a variety of different recipes, many of them delicious, and will help those who’ve never used a soup maker before to experiment with flavours and textures. We do, however, have one major gripe with the book. The recipes included come with instructions for a soup maker with a timer, something the Vivo Fresh does not have, so it’s difficult to match up the instructions with the machine itself.

Because the book is a free extra and not a necessary component of the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine, this isn’t a significant failing and shouldn’t really affect anyone’s decision to go ahead with this purchase.

Faulty Units

Although this wasn’t something that we experienced when trying out the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker, there have been reports of faulty units being delivered to come customers that don’t function as they should. This is always a significant concern, particularly if you’re one of the unlucky ones who receive a machine that burns out quickly or simply stops working without warning.

The Vivo Fresh customer service team are generally good at responding to complaints promptly and refunding customers appropriately, so we’d recommend immediately reporting any problems to the company should a problem arise.

Value For Money

Overall, we were very impressed by the range of functions, simplicity and high quality design of the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine. It’s not the cheapest soup maker on the market but it’s certainly not the most expensive, making it a sensible choice for those looking for a mid-range appliance that will get a wide range of cooking tasks done without much hassle.

Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker

morphy-richards-48822-soup-makerThe Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker is ideal for people who love to make a big bowl of soup on a chilly winter’s day with minimal hassle. This convenient kitchen gadget is fast, reliable and large enough to make a delicious soup for the whole family, whenever you feel like it. Healthy eating is easier than ever with this soup maker.

Rating: 4.5

Price: ££

Key Points

  • 1.6 litre capacity (also the minimum capacity)
  • produces soup in 25 minutes
  • also has blending and juicing capacities
  • easy to disassemble and clean
  • users have reported that the bottom of the soup may burn
  • doesn’t have as many customisation options as other soup makers: has only 2 settings, for smoother and chunkier soups
  • includes a recipe book

Good Capacity

At 1.6 litres, the Morphy Richards soup maker is easily big enough to make a bowlful each for around four people, and those who are making it just for themselves can save the extra for later or freeze it to save time on a busy day. We should note that 1.6 litres is the minimum amount you can put in, so if you only want to make smaller quantities at one time, you may want to seek out a smaller soupmaker.

Easy To Use

morphy-richards-48822-soup-maker-3The Morphy Richards 48822 is extremely simple to use. All you have to do is cook up your ingredients (if you’re including things like meat), pop them all in with the stock and press the button. The machine will then make your soup while you go about your business, and an alarm sounds to let you know when it’s all done. The whole process takes around 25 minutes, which is far quicker than the process of preparing and making soup by yourself.

If, once the soup maker finishes cooking, you’re not pleased with the results and want to get a smoother consistency, you can select the “blend” button to puree it more. The soup maker can also be used to blend fruit and make smoothies, and has a dedicated “juice” button, so it definitely has multiple uses that make it an all around convenient kitchen gadget.

Easy To Clean

Once you’ve finished cooking up your soup, the Morphy Richards soup maker is easy to dissemble and clean without hassle. Cleaning is easiest if you rinse the jug with hot water as soon as the soup is ready so the food doesn’t have a chance to stick. Once it’s rinsed, a quick wipe with a sponge will have the soup maker clean and ready to be used again. The process is very fast and simple.

One warning we’d give is that the blades in the jug are quite sharp, so be careful while cleaning that you wipe this area off with caution. You should also be sure to dry the base of the jug thoroughly before cooking again, as it does come into contact with electricity.

Burning Issues

As is often the case with soup makers, you may encounter some problems with the bottom of the soup maker burning at the bottom while it cooks. This is an irritating issue, leading to some of the food being burned away and lots of scrubbing required to clean the soupmaker back up at the bottom. However, it’s easily fixed. We recommended putting the stock in first when putting your ingredients into the Morphy Richards soupmaker to prevent burning from happening. You can also put some olive oil or butter in at the bottom to prevent sticking.

morphy-richards-48822-soup-maker-2Simple Options

Once potential shortcoming of the Morphy Richards machine is that it doesn’t have as many customisation options as some other competing soupmakers. This soupmaker has only two settings, allowing for chunkier or smoother soups, but you can’t change the settings apart from that to allow for a change in consistency, and you can’t stop the machine mid-cook to add ingredients in.

There are other soup makers out there that offer users more options, but this one is a simpler machine. This may not be an issue for many people who are looking for a simple soup maker to make fairly basic recipes and who don’t plan on veering from the set consistencies, but if you’d like more choices then you might want to consider a different gadget.

Recipe Book

The Morphy Richards 48822 comes with a very handy recipe book included that makes it easy to get started making soups, even for new cooks with very little experience. You can use the recipes included for inspiration and tweak them to create meals that suit you. The recipes given are detailed enough for inexperienced chefs to work through, and the book also includes smoothie and milkshake recipes to help you make the most of this machine.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, the Morphy Richards Soup  Maker is a great starter machine for those hoping to lead a healthier lifestyle, or anyone looking to start cooking soups regularly. It’s straightforward to use, easy to clean and comes with a very reasonable price tag. If want a more complicated machine with higher functionality then there are alternatives that might suit you better, but for its price and build quality, we think the Morphy Richards is a good choice for many customers.

VonShef Soup Maker Machine & Smoothie Maker

vonshef-soup-maker-machineThe VonShef Fresh Soup Maker Machine and Smoothie Maker is something of of a mixed bag. It offers convenience and a simple process for cooking and blending soups and smoothies, but it may not be strong enough to withstand much actual use. This lower priced soup maker works well when it works, but has some major design flaws that could get in the way of a positive cooking experience.

Rating: 3


Key Points

  •  1.7 litre capacity
  • also has blending, pulsing, cooking, steaming, and boiling functions
  • useful safety features: won’t turn on until lid is fully sealed, anti-burning mechanism
  • noisy
  • some users report the machine can be unreliable and break or burn out quickly
  • comes with a free scrub and brush, egg steamer, and recipe book

Large Capacity

The VonShef Soup Maker can make up to 1.7 litres of soup (or whatever else you want to make in it) in one go, which is certainly a nice size and offers more room than some of the competing soup makers. This should allow you to make batches of soup for the whole family, while giving you the option of freezing some to store for meals at a later date.

Multiple Uses

Aside from being a convenient gadget for making quick soups, the VonShef machine can make tons of other snacks, meals and drinks. You can use the Shef soup maker for a variety of cooking tasks from blending and pulsing to cooking, steaming, boiling, making sauces, making smoothies and blending up delicious cocktails. This can eliminate the need to buy other expensive kitchen gadgets, giving you one item to cover plenty of different kitchen needs.

Safety Features

This product comes with some useful safety features to help protect customers, which you don’t find on every soup maker on the market. The machine won’t turn on until the lid is fully secured, and it checks for liquid in the jug before beginning to ensure that burning doesn’t take place. These features might seem irritating at first, but they’re in pace to prevent accidents, which is always appreciated.

We should note that, despite the anti-burning feature in the VonShef Soup Maker, if you don’t put enough liquid in or line the bottom somehow with oil, certain ingredients have been known to burn or stick at the bottom of the jug. This can be highly annoying, and could lead to extra clean up time, definitely an undesirable outcome.

Noise Levels

Like many blending products, the VonShef Soup Maker does make quite a lot of noise when switched on. This won’t surprise most customers as it’s fairly common for this type of gadget, but if you find noisy products annoying then there are quieter machines on the market. One plus is that once you’ve put your ingredients and started the process, there’s no need to hang around while it cooks, so you can always walk away from the racket.

Potentially Unreliable

While some customers are very happy with their VonShef Soup Maker, we’ve also heard reports that the machine can be unreliable. Some customers have reported receiving their VonShef Soup Maker only to have it never switch on, simply beeping and refusing to begin cooking and blending the ingredients. Other customers have had issues with the soup maker breaking down after only a few uses, or the motor burning out quickly, stopping the machine from working altogether.

While this obviously won’t necessarily happen to every person who purchases the VonShef Soup Maker, if you’re looking for a really sturdy and reliable soup maker then you may want to give this one a miss, although you might end up having to fork out a little extra cash for a better model. This one’s all down to personal preference and how much of a risk you’re willing to take.

Additional Features       

The VonShef Soup Maker does come with some nice extras included in the price: you do get a lot of your money. The machine comes with a free scrub and brush to make the cleaning process nice and easy, along with an egg steamer to help out at breakfast time.

Another handy addition is the recipe book included. The Super Soups Cookbook by Sara Lewis has 200 different recipes to help you get started on your soup making journey. The book has tons of diverse, interesting recipes from basic soups to more complicated flavours, and should have something to suit everyone’s taste.

Should You Buy It?

The trouble with the VonShef Soup Maker Machine and Smoothie Maker is that, on paper, it sounds great. It comes at a low price, has plenty of different options, can be super convenient and is fairly easy to use and clean. When it does what it says on the box, it’s great.

However, and this is a big however, some faults in the machinery of this product seem to make it unreliable at times, even leading it to never work at all for some customers. We can’t recommend a product that may leave you with absolutely nothing for your money, whatever the price.

As there are plenty of other good quality soup makers on the market, it’s probably worth paying a little extra for a more consistent machine that won’t let you down when you need it.

Andrew James 7 in 1 Soup Maker Machine

andrewjames7in1soupmakerIf you’re after a multi-purpose kitchen gadget that will do all your kitchen jobs for you, the Andrew James Automatic Multifunctional 7 in 1  Soup Maker Machine might be the appliance you’ve been after. It has plenty of tricks up its sleeve and works well for a moderate price. We’ve tested it out for you to see if it’s up to the task.

Rating: 4

Price: £

Key Points

  • multifunctional: works as a soup maker, a smoothie marker, a food blender, a coffee and nut grinder, an ice crusher, a vegetable steamer, an egg boiler, and a food warmer
  • makes soup in 20 minutes
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • 1100 Watt motor that can, unfortunately, be quite noisy
  • making soup of easy and intuitive but figuring out the other functions can be difficult
  • not dishwasher safe and can’t be submerged in water so cleaning can be tricky
  • 2-year warranty


andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmaker-2This gadget is much more than a humble soup maker. The Andrew James machine can do tons of different jobs for you in the kitchen, from whipping up juice and milkshakes to boiling eggs, grinding coffee, steaming vegetables and warming your food up.

It has several different compartments and functions designed to do different processes, and they all work nicely. The only complaint we’d have would be that when making smoothies, the blender doesn’t deal as well with larger chunks of fruit, and the smoothies can sometimes come out less smooth than you might like.

The egg boiling compartment allows you to boil four eggs at one time, and the steamer basket is ideal for steaming veggies to then blend in the same machine to make your own home made baby food.

andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmakerIn terms of our purpose–making soup–we found that the Andrew James machine worked really well. You can pick between a chunky or smooth option. Just remember to put the soup making filter into the making when you’re going for the chunky option. The results are always good, with nice flavours and a good heat produced by the machine.

Fast Results

The Andrew James soupmaker is super fast: it can whip up a delicious bowl of soup for you in around 20 minutes, making it deal for people in a hurry. The machine has some serious power–1100 Watts— giving you efficient results every time. The only downside of the powerful motor is that it can be pretty noisy, so you may want to turn it on and then do something in another room to avoid the earache.

The machine also beeps very loudly when turning on and to alert you when your soup is done, which could be considered an annoyance or a useful feature, depending on your point of view.

Ease Of Use

When it comes to making soup, the Andrew James 7 in 1 is very simple to use. All you have to do is throw your chosen ingredients in, pour in your liquid and whatever seasoning you prefer and then press a button.

If you want to use the Andrew James machine for all of its other functions, it can get a little more complicated to figure things out. The instructions aren’t as straightforward as they could be, a bit more detail would make the whole process a lot easier, especially for people that aren’t fully accustomed to kitchen gadgets and struggle to work out how to use them. It is easy to assemble though, and for making soup it’s very simple.

Cleaning Issues

andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmaker-4The Andrew James 7 in 1 can be a tad awkward to clean: the blades aren’t detachable and the machine isn’t dishwasher safe, so we’d definitely recommend that you rinse everything off while the jug is still wet, rather than waiting for the food to try on the inside of the product. There are definitely soupmakers out there that are less of a hassle to clean, as this one can be a bit fiddly and there’s a bit of risk involved when cleaning the blades. The Andrew James soupmaker also can’t be submerged in water, which is quite an irritating feature.

Clean with caution and think ahead and it should be fine, but if you leave it after making your soup you may be in for something of a hassle when it comes to washing up.

Should You Buy It?

andrew-james-7-in-1-soupmaker-5For its price, this is a really useful gadget. It saves you spending money on tons of other kitchen appliances, combining multiple functions in one product. It makes good quality soup in a short amount of time, and we believe that many people would be pleased with it as a whole.

There are some flaws that make this soup maker not quite as good as some of the others out there, so we don’t rate this at the top of our list. Clearer instructions and an easier cleaning system would make it a far better product overall. Generally though, the Andrew James is a good, solid product with strong build quality. Once you’ve figured out how it all works, it could make your life a whole lot easier.

Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

cuisinart1If you’ve got some extra room in your budget and are a something of a soup enthusiast, the Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker is one of the best around. It doesn’t come cheap, but this product is of a great quality, produces delicious soup and will save you a ton of time and energy if you’re often found standing over a hob. This is definitely an impressive piece of kit, and it could help you take a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Rating: 4.25

Price: £££

Key Points

  • 1.4 litre capacity for soup and hot liquid; 1.75 litre for cool liquid
  • cooking plate to sauté vegetables
  • stirs, boils, simmers and then blends
  • produces a hot bowl of soup in 20 minutes
  • excellent build quality, but also large and heavy
  • easy to clean
  • simmer setting tends to leave some vegetables undercooked
  • 2-year warranty
  • comes with a free recipe booklet


The main feature that sets the Cuisinart machine apart from the other soup makers on the market is its build quality. As you’d expect from its price tag, this product is a lot sturdier and tougher than its competitors. The motor is also powerful enough to blend everything thoroughly giving you a nice smooth soup and making it ideal for whipping up smoothies in the morning.

One thing that may put some customers off about the design of the Cuisinart is its substantial size and weight. This is a bigger machine than some of the other soup makers out there, and it feels quite hefty as a result. If you’re looking for a stronger product then this definitely beats a more fragile soup maker, but some people may prefer the convenience of a lighter, more compact appliance.


The Cuisinart soupmaker comes with a 1.4 litre capacity for hot liquid (and 1.75 litre capacity for cool liquid), which is certainly enough to make a few good-sized bowls of soup for the family, but it isn’t as large as some of the cheaper soup makers on the market. Any larger and the machine would be far too bulky, so this isn’t a major problem, but keep this in mind if you’re hoping to make large batches in one go.

Creates Soup From Scratch

Not only does the Cuisinart machine blend up soup for you quickly and effortlessly, this product can also sauté your vegetables and base ingredients on its cooking plate, and also stirs, boils, simmers and then blends. All you have to do is put the ingredients in at press the correct buttons, and your soup will be ready in 20 minutes.

If you’re not interested in sautéing or are short on time, you also have the option of just throwing everything in and letting it cook. It’s extremely simple and, as long as you read the instruction booklet before use, it shouldn’t cause any trouble whatsoever.

cuisinart2Easy To Clean

As long as you start cleaning the Cuisinart soup maker soon after blending your soup, smoothie or sauce, you shouldn’t have any problem with the cleaning process. Unlike some of the other soupmakers on the market, the Cuisinart machine is easy to clean.

We’d recommend using a brush to clean rather than going at it with your hands and a cloth or sponge, as the blades are very sharp (as they should be, for maximum blending power), and could be dangerous if touched from the wrong angle.

You may not even need to use a brush if you get the Cuisinart into the sink straight after use: you should be able to just fill with water and some washing up liquid and set it to blend, and it will then clean itself.

Simmer Setting Issues

The Cuisinart isn’t a perfect product. One shortcoming we found is that the simmer setting doesn’t quite cook vegetables well enough. Some vegetables came out undercooked despite simmering for some time. You may find that leaving the boil setting on a bit longer before switching to simmer will yield better results. This is something that Cuisinart should work on if and when they update this product, as such an expensive machine really should be flawless.


If you have any problems at all with the Cuisinart, it does come with a two year warranty guarantee, which is very useful for dealing with any breakages or faults in the product. We’ve found that many other soup makers don’t offer an extensive warranty, so it’s good to see that a more expensive appliance like this one come with some backup just in case things go wrong.

Recipe Book

If you’re short on inspiration for your soups, the Cuisinart soupmaker comes with a recipe book thrown in for free. The book isn’t anything special but for free, we have no complaints, and it’s good to get some ideas to get you started with the product.

cuisinart3Should You Buy It?

At the end of the day, this is not a cheap product. It comes in at over £100, so if you’re looking to tighten your budget and want a convenient kitchen appliance, this probably won’t be the one for you. You can find soup makers that do a decent enough job at a fraction of the cost, so give this one a miss if you don’t want to part with much cash.

If you do have the money spare then the Cuisinart is definitely a good quality, efficient machine that does just what it says on the tin. The product’s cleaning features are far better than the competitors and its design is sturdy and strong, so this combined with its warranty guarantee could make it a solid investment.

Breville Soup Maker

breville-soup-maker-1If you’re looking for an easy way to use up your leftover veggies each week, or want to whip up healthy lunches in a hurry, the Breville Soup Maker could be the ideal gadget for you. This soupmaker can make you a big batch of soup from scratch, all you need to do is cut your veggies or ingredients up and throw them in and you’ll have a hot bowl of soup in 20 minutes.

Rating: 4.75

Price: ££

Key Points

  • 1.75 litre capacity, jug made of glass rather than plastic
  • 600 W motor
  • makes a hot bowl of soup in 20 minutes
  • fairly heavy: 5.5kg
  • multifunctional: can also whip up smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, and dips and crush ice
  • hot plate to sauté vegetables and other soup ingredients
  • 4 different speeds and a pulse button allow you to customise your soup consistency
  • hot or cold blending speeds
  • timers to alert you when each process is complete
  • able to work through larger and harder pieces of vegetables
  • can be fully disassembled for cleaning; dishwasher safe


breville-soup-makerThis is quite a big soupmaker: it has a 1.75 litre capacity, so it’s ideal for making plenty of soup to freeze and store for chilly days. Unlike most other soupmakers, the jug is made of glass rather than plastic, making it sturdier and of a better build quality. The base unit is made of stainless steel, giving it a strong, stylish look that will complement your kitchen.

Because of its design and size, the Breville soupmaker is quite heavy, it weighs about 5.5 kg, so customers who have difficulty lifting heavier things or want a more light, compact machine might want to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, we were impressed with the quality of this soup maker, especially for a mid-range device. It’s definitely stronger than others that we’ve seen, and it should have better durability as a result, giving you years of easy soup making.

Plenty Of Functions

Aside from making soup with the Breville soupmaker, you can use it for plenty of other kitchen tasks. The machine can make quick smoothies, milkshakes and cocktails, and you can use it to crush ice or make sauces or dips.

In terms of its soup making capabilities, this machine is ideal for getting you through the entire cooking process with no extra work. While some soupmakers simply heat and blend your soup, this one can sauté your vegetables for you on its hot plate. It then boils and simmers, then stirs and blends to your own taste. You can choose from 4 different speeds to pick your preferred consistency, and there’s also a pulse button to customise your recipe further.

Easy To Use

breville-soup-maker-3For the most part, the Breville soupmaker is extremely easy to use. The soupmaker does have to be watched for most of the time while you’re cooking. There are timers that let you know when each section of the process is complete, but you may want to keep an eye on things to ensure that everything is as you want it before the machine moves on to the next step. When the cooking process is complete, you can blend the soup to get the kind of texture you’re after, and the Breville soupmaker allows you to choose between hot or cold blending speeds.

Fast And Powerful

The Breville soup maker works very quickly: it’s one of the fastest on the market, producing soup in 20 minutes, and gives consistently good quality results. The powerful six way angled blades are efficient and make for speedy soup making, which is perfect for people short on time. It can also work through larger chunks of vegetables or meat, while other soup makers struggle with bigger pieces and require you to slice your ingredients finely before cooking.

Easy To Clean

breville-soup-maker-2Unlike many other soup makers on the market, the Breville machine can be fully disassembled, making it far easier to clean than some of the competitors. It’s also safer in this sense, because you can remove the parts and avoid the blade instead of having to reach in and clean around it.

You can take everything apart, and as long as you rinse it off soon after making your soup it’s quick and simple to clean, so it’ll be ready for your next batch in no time.

The non-stick cooking plate also makes everything much easier. Many soup makers suffer from problems with burning on the bottom or certain ingredients sticking, but this machine works well in that sense.

If you have a dishwasher then you’ll be pleased to hear that the Breville Soup Maker is dishwasher safe, setting it apart from most other soup makers.

Should You Buy It?

We were very impressed by the Breville Soup Maker. It isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it does cost a fair bit less than some more expensive models, and it offers superior performance to some of the cheaper soup makers out there.

If you’ve got a little extra to spend then we’d definitely recommend this machine. It’s fast, reliable and has a design quality that will guarantee long lasting performance. Depending on what you’re looking for in a soup maker, it could also save you time on the cooking process, unlike cheaper devices that don’t do as much of the work for you.

Thanks to its multi-functional capabilities, the Breville Soup Maker can do many of your kitchen tasks for you, making it an all around convenient, good value appliance.