Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

cuisinart1If you’ve got some extra room in your budget and are a something of a soup enthusiast, the Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker is one of the best around. It doesn’t come cheap, but this product is of a great quality, produces delicious soup and will save you a ton of time and energy if you’re often found standing over a hob. This is definitely an impressive piece of kit, and it could help you take a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Rating: 4.25

Price: £££

Key Points

  • 1.4 litre capacity for soup and hot liquid; 1.75 litre for cool liquid
  • cooking plate to sauté vegetables
  • stirs, boils, simmers and then blends
  • produces a hot bowl of soup in 20 minutes
  • excellent build quality, but also large and heavy
  • easy to clean
  • simmer setting tends to leave some vegetables undercooked
  • 2-year warranty
  • comes with a free recipe booklet


The main feature that sets the Cuisinart machine apart from the other soup makers on the market is its build quality. As you’d expect from its price tag, this product is a lot sturdier and tougher than its competitors. The motor is also powerful enough to blend everything thoroughly giving you a nice smooth soup and making it ideal for whipping up smoothies in the morning.

One thing that may put some customers off about the design of the Cuisinart is its substantial size and weight. This is a bigger machine than some of the other soup makers out there, and it feels quite hefty as a result. If you’re looking for a stronger product then this definitely beats a more fragile soup maker, but some people may prefer the convenience of a lighter, more compact appliance.


The Cuisinart soupmaker comes with a 1.4 litre capacity for hot liquid (and 1.75 litre capacity for cool liquid), which is certainly enough to make a few good-sized bowls of soup for the family, but it isn’t as large as some of the cheaper soup makers on the market. Any larger and the machine would be far too bulky, so this isn’t a major problem, but keep this in mind if you’re hoping to make large batches in one go.

Creates Soup From Scratch

Not only does the Cuisinart machine blend up soup for you quickly and effortlessly, this product can also sauté your vegetables and base ingredients on its cooking plate, and also stirs, boils, simmers and then blends. All you have to do is put the ingredients in at press the correct buttons, and your soup will be ready in 20 minutes.

If you’re not interested in sautéing or are short on time, you also have the option of just throwing everything in and letting it cook. It’s extremely simple and, as long as you read the instruction booklet before use, it shouldn’t cause any trouble whatsoever.

cuisinart2Easy To Clean

As long as you start cleaning the Cuisinart soup maker soon after blending your soup, smoothie or sauce, you shouldn’t have any problem with the cleaning process. Unlike some of the other soupmakers on the market, the Cuisinart machine is easy to clean.

We’d recommend using a brush to clean rather than going at it with your hands and a cloth or sponge, as the blades are very sharp (as they should be, for maximum blending power), and could be dangerous if touched from the wrong angle.

You may not even need to use a brush if you get the Cuisinart into the sink straight after use: you should be able to just fill with water and some washing up liquid and set it to blend, and it will then clean itself.

Simmer Setting Issues

The Cuisinart isn’t a perfect product. One shortcoming we found is that the simmer setting doesn’t quite cook vegetables well enough. Some vegetables came out undercooked despite simmering for some time. You may find that leaving the boil setting on a bit longer before switching to simmer will yield better results. This is something that Cuisinart should work on if and when they update this product, as such an expensive machine really should be flawless.


If you have any problems at all with the Cuisinart, it does come with a two year warranty guarantee, which is very useful for dealing with any breakages or faults in the product. We’ve found that many other soup makers don’t offer an extensive warranty, so it’s good to see that a more expensive appliance like this one come with some backup just in case things go wrong.

Recipe Book

If you’re short on inspiration for your soups, the Cuisinart soupmaker comes with a recipe book thrown in for free. The book isn’t anything special but for free, we have no complaints, and it’s good to get some ideas to get you started with the product.

cuisinart3Should You Buy It?

At the end of the day, this is not a cheap product. It comes in at over £100, so if you’re looking to tighten your budget and want a convenient kitchen appliance, this probably won’t be the one for you. You can find soup makers that do a decent enough job at a fraction of the cost, so give this one a miss if you don’t want to part with much cash.

If you do have the money spare then the Cuisinart is definitely a good quality, efficient machine that does just what it says on the tin. The product’s cleaning features are far better than the competitors and its design is sturdy and strong, so this combined with its warranty guarantee could make it a solid investment.