Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker

Good-Ideas-Multi-Function-Soup-MakerIf you frequently purchase pre-made tinned soups in the winter or love to whip up a fresh smoothie in the summer, a multi-functional blender and soup maker can be a sound investment in your health and happiness. The Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker promises simplicity, quality design and ease of use in one convenient product. Unfortunately, a range of design faults and a bulky look make this soup maker a poor choice for any discerning consumer.

Price: ££

Rating: 2.5

 Key points

  • Large 1.7 litre capacity, producing about 4 bowls of soup
  • prepares soup in under 20 minutes
  • different consistency options including thick, smooth, and chunky and other functions including reheating and boiling
  • all functions are pre-set; the soup maker has no adjustable timer
  • not dishwasher safe but is fairly easy to clean
  • quite powerful:  combined 1150 W heater and blender
  • doesn’t come with clear instructions
  • Poor value for money
  •  bulky design and weight (3.5 kg)


On first glance, the Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker looks like a large blender or smoothie maker, which is essentially what it is. There’s not much to shout about in terms of the design and general look of the soup maker. The black base looks smart, but the overall size and weight of the soup maker (it comes in at a fairly hefty 3.5 kg) give it a bulky appearance that some customers may find unattractive. It’s worth noting that, despite the size of the product, it will still take up less space than the various pots and pans you’d need to make soup without the machine.

Although the bulky nature of the Good Ideas soup maker would suggest a fairly sturdy, well-built product, we were disappointed to find that this wasn’t quite the case. We’ll delve into the flaws and functional issues with this soup maker later in the review, but many of the issues experienced by customers suggest that the overall build quality is not quite up to par.


As you’d expect from such a large machine, the Good Ideas soup maker can produce a good amount of soup in one use. Its maximum capacity is 1.7 litres, which can easily give you four decent size bowls of soup, so this product is an attractive option for customers who want to make lunch for the whole family without having to make multiple batches. This is one of the larger capacity soup makers on the market, but there are products of a similar size that will be more reliable and offer better value for money, so we would not recommend the Good Ideas soup maker purely based on its capacity.


Although the Good Ideas soup maker isn’t as versatile as its competitors, it does provide a little of the range of functions we’ve come to expect from soup makers, including different consistency settings for soup (smooth, thick, or chunky) and boiling, reheating, and pulsing functions. The Good Ideas Soup Maker produces a steaming bowl of soup in under 20 minutes and can also be used to make smoothies and juices. There is no timer included–all of the function are preset— so there isn’t a lot of room for customisation, but this shouldn’t be a major problem for most customers.

Lack of Instructions

Although this isn’t a problem with the machine itself, we had some issues with the manufacturer’s instructions that came included with the product. Appliances are generally tricky to get started with, especially if you’ve never used a soup maker or similar appliance before, so it’s crucial that manufacturer’s include detailed instructions to guide you through the setup and soup making process.

Unfortunately, Good Ideas do not provide very extensive instructions for their soup maker, making the product quite difficult to use at first for many people. We have heard complaints from customers who couldn’t use their Good Ideas soup maker because the instructions didn’t specify how to operate certain functions, leading some to contact the manufacturer directly asking for more detailed instructions. This won’t be a problem for everyone, but can cause confusion and frustration amongst customers who need support in setting up their soup maker.

Potential Faults And Flaws

There are several issues with the Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker. These problems don’t plague every unit sold, but there does seem to be a fair amount of faulty machines being sold to customers. Some of the soup makers simply break down within a few weeks of use, forcing customers to send the unit back to the manufacturer. The customer is always reimbursed for the cost of the machine, but the fact that these faults take place so frequently indicate an overall design problem rather than random occurrences.

There have also been reports of the heater inside the product burning out quickly and the machine leaking after only a short period of use. While these faults may not occur in every unit purchased, we cannot recommend a product that could easily break down, leak or burn out so quickly.

Noise Levels

Like many mid-range soup makers, the Good Ideas product makes a fair amount of noise when chopping and blending your soup or fruit. You will find quieter soup makers on the market, but some noise is to be expected during the soup making process.

Easy Cleaning

Although the Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker is not dishwasher safe, it is fairly easy to clean, as long as you rinse the jug out quickly after making your soup or smoothie. If you leave the residue in the jug too long then scrubbing it by hand can become a bit of a hassle, but this problem is easily avoided. You may experience some burning at the bottom of the jug when making soup, but this issue is also easy to avoid by pouring hot stock into the machine before you add the rest of your ingredients.

Warranty Guarantee

Luckily for those who are unfortunate enough to receive a faulty unit or have trouble with their Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker, the manufacturer has provided a two year warranty. If you do experience issues with the heater or general operation of this soup maker, make sure to contact Good Ideas straight away for a full refund; don’t want for your two year time gap to expire.

Should You Buy It?

When the Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker works well, it seems to be a decent product that may be worth its asking price for people who enjoy making soup and smoothies at home. However, the various flaws and problems encountered by many customers makes it clear that your money would be best spent elsewhere. By looking through our reviews you’ll find several other soup makers in a similar price range that offer far better value for money, with far fewer design flaws and faults.