Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker

morphy-richards-48822-soup-makerThe Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker is ideal for people who love to make a big bowl of soup on a chilly winter’s day with minimal hassle. This convenient kitchen gadget is fast, reliable and large enough to make a delicious soup for the whole family, whenever you feel like it. Healthy eating is easier than ever with this soup maker.

Rating: 4.5

Price: ££

Key Points

  • 1.6 litre capacity (also the minimum capacity)
  • produces soup in 25 minutes
  • also has blending and juicing capacities
  • easy to disassemble and clean
  • users have reported that the bottom of the soup may burn
  • doesn’t have as many customisation options as other soup makers: has only 2 settings, for smoother and chunkier soups
  • includes a recipe book

Good Capacity

At 1.6 litres, the Morphy Richards soup maker is easily big enough to make a bowlful each for around four people, and those who are making it just for themselves can save the extra for later or freeze it to save time on a busy day. We should note that 1.6 litres is the minimum amount you can put in, so if you only want to make smaller quantities at one time, you may want to seek out a smaller soupmaker.

Easy To Use

morphy-richards-48822-soup-maker-3The Morphy Richards 48822 is extremely simple to use. All you have to do is cook up your ingredients (if you’re including things like meat), pop them all in with the stock and press the button. The machine will then make your soup while you go about your business, and an alarm sounds to let you know when it’s all done. The whole process takes around 25 minutes, which is far quicker than the process of preparing and making soup by yourself.

If, once the soup maker finishes cooking, you’re not pleased with the results and want to get a smoother consistency, you can select the “blend” button to puree it more. The soup maker can also be used to blend fruit and make smoothies, and has a dedicated “juice” button, so it definitely has multiple uses that make it an all around convenient kitchen gadget.

Easy To Clean

Once you’ve finished cooking up your soup, the Morphy Richards soup maker is easy to dissemble and clean without hassle. Cleaning is easiest if you rinse the jug with hot water as soon as the soup is ready so the food doesn’t have a chance to stick. Once it’s rinsed, a quick wipe with a sponge will have the soup maker clean and ready to be used again. The process is very fast and simple.

One warning we’d give is that the blades in the jug are quite sharp, so be careful while cleaning that you wipe this area off with caution. You should also be sure to dry the base of the jug thoroughly before cooking again, as it does come into contact with electricity.

Burning Issues

As is often the case with soup makers, you may encounter some problems with the bottom of the soup maker burning at the bottom while it cooks. This is an irritating issue, leading to some of the food being burned away and lots of scrubbing required to clean the soupmaker back up at the bottom. However, it’s easily fixed. We recommended putting the stock in first when putting your ingredients into the Morphy Richards soupmaker to prevent burning from happening. You can also put some olive oil or butter in at the bottom to prevent sticking.

morphy-richards-48822-soup-maker-2Simple Options

Once potential shortcoming of the Morphy Richards machine is that it doesn’t have as many customisation options as some other competing soupmakers. This soupmaker has only two settings, allowing for chunkier or smoother soups, but you can’t change the settings apart from that to allow for a change in consistency, and you can’t stop the machine mid-cook to add ingredients in.

There are other soup makers out there that offer users more options, but this one is a simpler machine. This may not be an issue for many people who are looking for a simple soup maker to make fairly basic recipes and who don’t plan on veering from the set consistencies, but if you’d like more choices then you might want to consider a different gadget.

Recipe Book

The Morphy Richards 48822 comes with a very handy recipe book included that makes it easy to get started making soups, even for new cooks with very little experience. You can use the recipes included for inspiration and tweak them to create meals that suit you. The recipes given are detailed enough for inexperienced chefs to work through, and the book also includes smoothie and milkshake recipes to help you make the most of this machine.

Should You Buy It?

Overall, the Morphy Richards Soup  Maker is a great starter machine for those hoping to lead a healthier lifestyle, or anyone looking to start cooking soups regularly. It’s straightforward to use, easy to clean and comes with a very reasonable price tag. If want a more complicated machine with higher functionality then there are alternatives that might suit you better, but for its price and build quality, we think the Morphy Richards is a good choice for many customers.