Morphy Richards 501011 Sauté and Soup Soup Maker

morphy-richards-501011-saute-and-soup-soup-makerNot many soup makers can boast complete convenience from start to finish. The Morphy Richards 501011 Sauté and Soup Soup Maker really stands out from the crowd. It sautéschopscooks, blends and boils, producing a good quantity of delicious, hot soup with minimal effort required. The reasonable price and overall impressive build quality of this product makes the Morphy Richards 501011 one of our top picks for soup enthusiasts.

Price: ££

Rating: 4.75

Key Points

  • 1.6 litre capacity (4 bowls of soup)
  • extra sauté function
  • options for chunky and smooth soups
  • produces steaming bowls of soup in under 30 minutes
  • non-stick coating on the jug and lid interior
  • pause function eliminates a flaw of previous generations of Morphy Richards soup makers
  • can also produce smoothies and juices
  • not dishwasher safe but easy to clean regardless
  • manual includes free recipes
  • Attractive and intuitive design
  • 1-year guarantee, can be extended to 2 years with online registration
  • great value for money

Design and Capacity

Unlike many other soup makers, the Morphy Richards 501011 doesn’t look like your run of the mill blender. This product has a sleek, kettle-like appearance with a polished silver jug and sleek black handle. The soup maker looks far more expensive than it is, with an attractive and stylish design that quickly sets it apart from the other soup makers on offer. Its compact size makes it easy to put away in your cupboard after use, and it certainly won’t take up your entire kitchen counter while cooking up a delicious bowl of soup.

The Morphy Richards 501011 has a generous 1.6 litre capacity. This can serve about four people at one time. This is ideal for families who want to share a batch of soup, and allows those cooking just for themselves the chance to refrigerate or freeze a sizable portion to enjoy later. This isn’t the largest capacity soup maker on the market, but it’s certainly sizable enough to make a good batch of soup and should suit most customers.

Sauté Function

morphy-richards-501011-saute-and-soup-soup-maker-5There are plenty of soup makers out there that will cook and blend your soup for you, saving you time and money. However, the Morphy Richards 501011 has an added sauté feature that really sets the product above the rest. Thanks to this extra function, you can start off your soup making process by sautéing onions, garlic or anything else you please in a little oil, providing a flavoursome base for your soup. You then simply add in the rest of your ingredients and choose from the “chunky” or “smooth” soup making options. The Morphy Richards 501011 will then do all the rest of the work for you while you sit back and relax. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes, and requires no stirring or interference whatsoever.

Non-Stick Coating

Many customers have the irritating experience of scraping away soup residue from their soup maker after cooking up a batch. The Morphy Richards 501011 avoids that problem altogether with a non-stick coating that covers the entirety of the jug and lid interior. Thanks to this non-stick coating, none of the ingredients burn to the bottom of the jug or stick to the sides, making the entire cooking and cleaning process a pleasure.

Improved Pause Function

morphy-richards-501011-saute-and-soup-soup-maker-4Previous generations of Morphy Richards soup makers did not allow the customer to remove the lid of the product while cooking without starting the whole process over again. This annoyed some consumers as it prevented them from taste testing the soup as it cooked or adding seasoning to improve the flavour. This isn’t the case with the Morphy Richards 501011: this product can be opened easily at any stage in the soup making process, allowing you to simply remove the lid and add in anything you want to improve your soup or smoothie.

Once the lid has been removed you can simple place it back on the jug and the Morphy Richards 501011 will resume the cooking process exactly where it left off. This kind of intuitive design makes the product far easier to use than competing soup maker machines, and leaves you with a superior tasting bowl of soup.

Multiple Functions

morphy-richards-501011-saute-and-soup-soup-maker-2When spring and summer arrive and you’re no longer in the mood for hot soup multiple times a week, the Morphy Richards 501011 will still come in handy. Not only does this product cook and blend a variety of soups, it can also blend up delicious smoothies and juices. The powerful blades and strong motor in this product will swiftly replace your usual blender and become an invaluable multi-functional appliance for your kitchen.

Easy To Clean

Thanks to the non-stick coating and clever design of the Morphy Richards 501011, it’s easy to clean up in a hurry after your soup is finished. Although the soup maker is not dishwasher safe, you can easily rinse any residue away and then simply run around the inside of the jug and lid with a soapy sponge. Rinse the soap and your Morphy Richards 501011 is ready to be used again whenever you next feel like enjoying a comforting healthy meal.

Recipes Included

If you’re a novice soup maker without many ideas of how to use your Morphy Richards 501011, the company has provided 17 different simple recipes that will help you get started with the product. Not every soup maker comes with free recipes included, so its nice to get this little extra perk to help make the use of the product easier and more enjoyable.

Money Back Guarantee

morphy-richards-501011-saute-and-soup-soup-maker-3Morphy Richards are so confident that you will have a positive experience with this soup maker that they’ve included a one year guarantee with any purchase. If anything happens to go wrong with the machine you can easily send it back to the company and receive all of your money back in return. If you register on the Morphy Richards website you can also get an extra year added to your warranty period, protecting you from any potential breakdown or faults that could possibly occur with the product.

Should You Buy It?

We were genuinely impressed by the Morphy Richards 501011 soup maker. When you look at a large range of similar product they can all begin to blur together, so it’s refreshing when a machine comes along that genuinely goes above and beyond the usual standard and improves on previous generations. The useful extra features, strong build quality and overall efficiency and convenience of this soup maker make it easily one of the best kitchen appliances around. Add in the very reasonable price tag of around £50 and you’re definitely on to a winner.