Prolectrix Soup Maker

Prolectrix-Soup-MakerThe Prolectrix Soup Maker is a relatively inexpensive kitchen appliance that has the potential to offer a convenient solution to those who love cooking soup at home. Unfortunately, there are several significant shortcomings that make this product not worth purchasing.

Rating: 2

Price: £

Key Points

  • large 1.6 litre capacity; 1.3 litre minimum
  • stylish design, but on the heavy side
  • Limited features and functions: only makes soup
  • lid locks during cooking: you can’t remove it to add further ingredients without stopping the cooking process and having to start it again from the beginning
  • self-cleaning function: just pour in water and soap; includes a cleaning brush to help you maneuver  around those sharp blades
  • detachable jug to pour your soup directly into bowls, with no ladling, but the jug gets very hot to the touch
  • reports of faulty units; company offers full refund

Design and Capacity

The Prolectrix Soup Maker looks similar in style to a kettle. Its silver stainless steel exterior is a refreshing change from the transparent blender design that dominates the soup maker market, and the build quality looks sturdy and strong. The soup maker has a thick handle that makes it simple to lift the jug up when you’re ready to serve your soup: you can pour directly from the jug without needing to ladle your soup out into bowls.

Despite its very reasonable price, the Prolectrix Soup Maker has a good capacity of 1.3-1.6 litres, so it should suit most customers in this sense. You can use the minimum capacity amount if you’re only looking to make soup for one meal, or fill it up to capacity to make four good sized bowls of soup in one easy process.

One important consideration to keep in mind when choosing your soup maker is weight. The Prolectrix Soup Maker is fairly big and bulky, and weighs in at a considerable 2.7 kg, which obviously gets heavier when full of chunky soup. While stronger customers probably won’t be bothered by this issue, it could certainly cause problems for the elderly or those who are ill or weak, many of whom could certainly be in the market for a convenient device that will cook soup for them. If an easy to handle, lightweight soup maker is a priority then we certainly wouldn’t recommend this product.

Limited Functions

Unlike many of the other soup makers on the market, this soup maker is strictly that: a soup maker. Some people buy these appliances purely for the function of making soup at home without having to do all of the cooking themselves, but others prefer a more multi-functional appliance that has the added benefits of making smoothies, sauces, and helping out with other kitchen tasks.

While you could possibly put the limited number of features on this product down to its price, there are other soup makes available in this price range that have a range of other functions available. We’d recommend that you opt for a kitchen appliance that gives you the most amount of convenience for your money; the Prolectrix soup maker sadly does not.

Difficult to Customise

For those looking to make a more complex soup recipe that involves adding ingredients or seasonings in at various stages of the cooking process, the Prolectrix Soup Maker won’t be the best choice.

Once the lid of the jug has been securely closed, you cannot open it back up again to add other ingredients without interrupting the whole cooking process. When you close the lid again and press start, the Prolectrix Soup Maker will start its process from the beginning again, making things very confusing and awkward. There are other soup maker machines available that make it easier to customise the timings and recipes, but this product is limited in that regard.

There have been complaints of burning at the base of the jug. This is a common issue with soup makers and one that is easily avoided by taking the necessary precautions. If you use some butter, oil or cooking spray at the bottom of the jug before placing the rest of your soup ingredients in to cook then you shouldn’t experience any burning.

Simple To Clean

One important strength of this soup maker is its simplicity when it comes to washing up after cooking your soup, an important consideration for many customers. It has a self-cleaning function that allows you to pour some hot water and soap into the machine and then blend, washing away any residue left over from the soup making process.

The inside of the jug can also easily be wiped clean with a sponge and hot water, and Prolectrix have conveniently included a cleaning brush in the box with the soup maker to work around the sharp blades without risking injury.

Recipe Book Included

Nervous chefs who need a little inspiration before they start putting their soup creations together will be glad to hear that Prolectrix has included a recipe book for free with any soup maker purchase. A free recipe book isn’t an absolute necessity, but it’s always a nice addition to help you get started with your new kitchen appliance.

A Word of Caution

Prolectrix-Soup-Maker-4We have one particular safety concern that is important to keep in mind if you do decide to buy the Prolectrix Soup Maker. Just as a stainless steel kettle gets very hot once water has been boiled, this soup maker heats up to a very high temperature as it chops, cooks, boils and blends your soup. Be very careful not to touch the jug once your soup has been cooked. Only touch the handle as you lift the jug or you could risk a nasty burn.

Faults Reported

Our main issue with the Prolectrix Soup Maker is the frequency with which the product seems to break down with no apparent reason or warning. Many customers have used their soup maker once or twice with no problem, only to find that it suddenly doesn’t work after a couple of uses. It’s unclear what the underlying design problem behind these faults is, but frequent problems with a particular product suggests that the build quality may not be up to scratch.

If you do buy the Prolectrix Soup Maker and experience one of these unexpected faults, you will be able to get a full refund from the company. However, re-packaging, posting the machine back and reporting the fault can all be time-consuming, stressful and just plain annoying, so we’d certainly prefer to buy a more reputable soup maker in the first place instead.

Should You Buy It?

With so many other high quality, intuitive soup maker machines currently available at low prices on the market, it is difficult to recommend that any consumer opt for the Prolectrix Soup Maker. The frequent reports of faulty units and sudden breakdowns, as well as the limited number of functions and bulky design of the soup maker–not to mention the risk of burning–all make this one of our lowest rated appliances. Look elsewhere before resorting to this flawed product.