Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine

vivo-fresh-soup-maker-machineThe Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine & Smoothie Maker is a popular choice amongst customers who like to get more bang for their buck. With a great range of functions available and a clear, simple design that makes it remarkably easy to use, the Vivo Fresh is a great option for anyone looking to incorporate more soup or smoothies into their diet.

Rating: 4

Price: ££

Key Points:

  • 1.7 litre capacity: 3-4 bowls of soup
  • produces a finished bowl of soup in just 20 minutes
  • cooks food on hot plate before blending
  • options for smooth blending, chunky blending, pulsing, and reheating
  • multi-functional: can also cook, steam, boil, blend smoothies and make soya
  • fairly noisy
  • fairly easy to clean
  • good build quality and design
  • weighs just 2kg
  • includes free recipe book, but for a soup maker with a timer, which the Vivo Fresh doesn’t have
  • some reports of faulty units

Design and Capacity

The Vivo Fresh is certainly one of the larger soup makers currently on the market, with an impressive 1.7 litre capacity. You can easily serve up about three large bowls of soup from the jug, or four smaller bowls, so it’s perfect for couples who like to share a warm meal on a winter’s day or for whipping up a batch for yourself to enjoy over a few days.

The design of this appliance is top notch. It doesn’t take up too much room on your counter thanks to its compact, neat design, and its silver and black colour scheme will fit nicely into any kitchen. While some large capacity soup maker machines tend to be heavy and bulky, making them difficult to lift and use with ease, the Vivo Fresh is surprisingly light as just 2kg.

This soup make is a good choice for people who like their kitchen appliances to be simple and straightforward. The display on the Vivo Fresh has clear buttons for different functions, with options for smooth blending, chunky blending, steaming, pulsing and re-heating. Even a genuine novice in the world of kitchen gadgets will find the Vivo Fresh easy to figure out, and will be whipping up quick batches of soup in no time.

Noise Levels

Unfortunately for those with sensitive ears, the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine is not the shy and retiring type. It will let the whole house know that soup is being made, but this is a common issue amongst powerful kitchen appliances that is difficult to avoid. While it is possible to find soup makers that get the job done without making a huge amount of racket, these machines tend to be on the more expensive side. We believe that a little noise while you wait is a small price to pay for a good value, multi-functional product.


We all like to get as many functions as we can out of a kitchen appliance, provided the functions actually work as they should. It’s extremely frustrating to buy a product expecting a range of uses, only to find that most of the functions don’t work well at all. Luckily, this isn’t the case with the Vivo Fresh.

This product boasts a range of functions, from soup and smoothie making to egg boiling, sauce making to cooking. It works exactly as it says on the tin, with each function running as smoothly as the next. Soup making may be its primary function, but it will just as easily steam your vegetables, cook up a quick curry sauce or boil your eggs for breakfast. This impressive functionality could save you the trouble of buying a range of other kitchen appliances, making the Vivo Fresh great value for money and a real time-saver.

Easy To Clean

As with most soup maker machines, the trick to getting a nice quick clean after every use is to rinse the jug out as soon as your soup is ready to be eaten. If you leave the remnants inside the jug to harden then the machine does become more difficult to clean, but rinsing after use will make the cleaning process quick and simple. The Vivo machine does also come with a handy brush cleaner which makes cleaning the bottom of the jug much easier than trying to avoid the blades with a sponge.

Some customers experience difficulty with ingredients burning at the bottom of the jug while using the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker. This is common issue that we’ve encountered with soup makers, but is also easily avoided. Simply add hot stock to the bottom of the jug before you add in the rest of your ingredients and the base should be protected from that irritating burning residue. We also found that greasing the plate at the bottom of the jug with a small amount of olive oil helps to keep things running smoothly and prevents burning, although this may not be suitable for those attempting to follow a low fat diet.

Recipes Included

Everyone loves a good freebie, so we’re always happy to get something extra alongside a product purchase. The Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine comes with a recipe book at no extra cos:  Simple and Easy Recipes for Soup-Making Machines by Norma Miller. This book normally retails at £5.99, so it’s nice to get it for free with the soup maker.

The book itself is a handy companion to the appliance. It has a variety of different recipes, many of them delicious, and will help those who’ve never used a soup maker before to experiment with flavours and textures. We do, however, have one major gripe with the book. The recipes included come with instructions for a soup maker with a timer, something the Vivo Fresh does not have, so it’s difficult to match up the instructions with the machine itself.

Because the book is a free extra and not a necessary component of the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine, this isn’t a significant failing and shouldn’t really affect anyone’s decision to go ahead with this purchase.

Faulty Units

Although this wasn’t something that we experienced when trying out the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker, there have been reports of faulty units being delivered to come customers that don’t function as they should. This is always a significant concern, particularly if you’re one of the unlucky ones who receive a machine that burns out quickly or simply stops working without warning.

The Vivo Fresh customer service team are generally good at responding to complaints promptly and refunding customers appropriately, so we’d recommend immediately reporting any problems to the company should a problem arise.

Value For Money

Overall, we were very impressed by the range of functions, simplicity and high quality design of the Vivo Fresh Soup Maker Machine. It’s not the cheapest soup maker on the market but it’s certainly not the most expensive, making it a sensible choice for those looking for a mid-range appliance that will get a wide range of cooking tasks done without much hassle.