VonShef Soup Maker Machine & Smoothie Maker

vonshef-soup-maker-machineThe VonShef Fresh Soup Maker Machine and Smoothie Maker is something of of a mixed bag. It offers convenience and a simple process for cooking and blending soups and smoothies, but it may not be strong enough to withstand much actual use. This lower priced soup maker works well when it works, but has some major design flaws that could get in the way of a positive cooking experience.

Rating: 3


Key Points

  •  1.7 litre capacity
  • also has blending, pulsing, cooking, steaming, and boiling functions
  • useful safety features: won’t turn on until lid is fully sealed, anti-burning mechanism
  • noisy
  • some users report the machine can be unreliable and break or burn out quickly
  • comes with a free scrub and brush, egg steamer, and recipe book

Large Capacity

The VonShef Soup Maker can make up to 1.7 litres of soup (or whatever else you want to make in it) in one go, which is certainly a nice size and offers more room than some of the competing soup makers. This should allow you to make batches of soup for the whole family, while giving you the option of freezing some to store for meals at a later date.

Multiple Uses

Aside from being a convenient gadget for making quick soups, the VonShef machine can make tons of other snacks, meals and drinks. You can use the Shef soup maker for a variety of cooking tasks from blending and pulsing to cooking, steaming, boiling, making sauces, making smoothies and blending up delicious cocktails. This can eliminate the need to buy other expensive kitchen gadgets, giving you one item to cover plenty of different kitchen needs.

Safety Features

This product comes with some useful safety features to help protect customers, which you don’t find on every soup maker on the market. The machine won’t turn on until the lid is fully secured, and it checks for liquid in the jug before beginning to ensure that burning doesn’t take place. These features might seem irritating at first, but they’re in pace to prevent accidents, which is always appreciated.

We should note that, despite the anti-burning feature in the VonShef Soup Maker, if you don’t put enough liquid in or line the bottom somehow with oil, certain ingredients have been known to burn or stick at the bottom of the jug. This can be highly annoying, and could lead to extra clean up time, definitely an undesirable outcome.

Noise Levels

Like many blending products, the VonShef Soup Maker does make quite a lot of noise when switched on. This won’t surprise most customers as it’s fairly common for this type of gadget, but if you find noisy products annoying then there are quieter machines on the market. One plus is that once you’ve put your ingredients and started the process, there’s no need to hang around while it cooks, so you can always walk away from the racket.

Potentially Unreliable

While some customers are very happy with their VonShef Soup Maker, we’ve also heard reports that the machine can be unreliable. Some customers have reported receiving their VonShef Soup Maker only to have it never switch on, simply beeping and refusing to begin cooking and blending the ingredients. Other customers have had issues with the soup maker breaking down after only a few uses, or the motor burning out quickly, stopping the machine from working altogether.

While this obviously won’t necessarily happen to every person who purchases the VonShef Soup Maker, if you’re looking for a really sturdy and reliable soup maker then you may want to give this one a miss, although you might end up having to fork out a little extra cash for a better model. This one’s all down to personal preference and how much of a risk you’re willing to take.

Additional Features       

The VonShef Soup Maker does come with some nice extras included in the price: you do get a lot of your money. The machine comes with a free scrub and brush to make the cleaning process nice and easy, along with an egg steamer to help out at breakfast time.

Another handy addition is the recipe book included. The Super Soups Cookbook by Sara Lewis has 200 different recipes to help you get started on your soup making journey. The book has tons of diverse, interesting recipes from basic soups to more complicated flavours, and should have something to suit everyone’s taste.

Should You Buy It?

The trouble with the VonShef Soup Maker Machine and Smoothie Maker is that, on paper, it sounds great. It comes at a low price, has plenty of different options, can be super convenient and is fairly easy to use and clean. When it does what it says on the box, it’s great.

However, and this is a big however, some faults in the machinery of this product seem to make it unreliable at times, even leading it to never work at all for some customers. We can’t recommend a product that may leave you with absolutely nothing for your money, whatever the price.

As there are plenty of other good quality soup makers on the market, it’s probably worth paying a little extra for a more consistent machine that won’t let you down when you need it.